HDPlex 160W- The Best Mini ITX Power Supply In The World4 min read

4 min read
hdplex 160w

Building a PC is easy but building a Mini Computer is not that easy. When we are building a small form factor computer, the power supply is the most important component because we are building a mini computer and for that, we need a mini power supply. There are different size of power supplies available on the internet, so it is tough to find one that suits for your configuration, but now you can find all your answers. Here we are going to review the new HDPlex 160w.

HDPlex 160w is a nanoATX power supply, and it is the best power supply for small form factor computers. Because it acts like a baby and works like a Hulk, did you understand what I mean? If not, you will understand in a minute, keep reading.

Why HDPlex 160w?

Now you may think, why this little thing is best when lots of other power supplies are available? This is because of the performance and the quality it provides which is much better than the other power supplies. It uses the 24 Pin ATX power connector that makes HDPlex smaller. When using HDPlex, we can decrease the size of our computer and also we can save more electricity. HDPlex also provides limited year warranty so we can easily get it replaced by HDPlex.


HDPlex 160w has a 160w power delivery with the peak power of 200W so it can handle the entire system with a mini Graphics card in it. HDPlex doesn’t have any fan for cooling; it uses an aluminum heat sink to reduce the heat so that it provides a quiet operation even at full load. It is a DC power supply so it needs an external power brick for which we can use any laptop charger to power this little monster.
All we need is the performance right! HDPlex can offer you a stable and more reliable performance for your computer because their well-built components are highly capable of doing great jobs. When it comes to the quality we can feel the quality of HDPlex when it is in our hand; it uses the high-quality parts to make it better for consumers.

Purchasing of HDPlex is very easy because they are using Amazon to sell their products and also we can purchase it through their official site. Sometimes the HDplex is not available on Amazon due to the low stock on Amazon, but you can still get it from their official site. The other thing is that their customer support, they’re very user-friendly and responsive, we will get the response from HDPlex very quickly.


These are the main specifications and configurations of HDPlex 160w. It’s quite good to see that HDPlex is offering more features in a Mini ITX Power Supply.

HDPlex 160w

Comparing HDPlex 160w with PicoPSU 160XT

There is another nano ATX Power supply available that is the PicoPSU 160xt. It has almost all features that HDPlex had, and it is few millimeter smaller than the HDPlex. But the lack of expansion slots and poor build quality puts PicoPSU behind, and also it is available in the market for almost four years and they still didn’t provide any upgrade for it. When its compared to the HDPlex, PicoPSU only has one SATA and one Molex connector whereas HDPlex has 4 SATA connectors, one 6+2 Pin PCI-E connector, and 4+4 PIN CPU connector. HDPlex also has a heat sink to protect it from the heat. From this, we can clearly see that HDPlex is far better than the PicoPSU.

Get HDPlex 160w From Amazon


Now you understand that why it is the best Mini Itx power supply in the world. We can use HDPlex 160w in a small form factor computer and that makes the computer smaller with low power consumption and gives you the best portability options.  HDPlex updated their power supply, For a better and cleaner look they changed the colors of cables to match the color of the power supply.

HDPlex also has different products such as Computer case, Power Supplies, etc.. All those products are built for the Small Form Factor consumers and all products are well-built.  What do you think about the new HDPlex 160w? Share your thoughts in the comment box. If this article is helpful to you then support me by using the affiliate link that provided in this post.

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