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downgrade iOS 11

The new version of iOS 11 Developer Beta has been released, since then all people around the world are excited to install it, but Apple only released it for developers so that everyone except developers won’t get that update. After the first developer beta comes in, there are lots of guides and tutorials to install developer beta without spending money. When people heard that, they started to install iOS 11 into their phone after the installation had completed people began to realize that we should not be upgraded to iOS 11. Then they are searching on the internet to downgrade iOS 11 to older versions because iOS 11 is in the developer beta, so the bugs are ruling all over the Operating System.

Using a phone with developer beta installed then it will be a pain if it is our daily driver, then that is a significant pain. In iPad, there will not that much of bugs because this time iOS 11 is mainly focused on iPad users. Now with iOS 11  Apple pushing the boundaries of iPad that makes it best Tablet in the world. I heard that iPad is also struggling with the Developer Beata of iOS 11. That is why I’m here with this guide to downgrade iOS 11 to your favorite version of iOS. Follow the steps below. The process will feel like a road roller, but the result is fantastic. Let’s start.

Requirements to Downgrade iOS 11

  • iPhone
  • Lightning USB Cable
  • A Computer
  • iTunes Software
  • Internet Connection
  • 50% and above battery Life


  • Backup your data using iTunes
  • Do not unplug your phone during the installation
  • Make sure that you have 50% of battery Life
  • Turn Off Find My Phone feature in iCloud settings of your phone


Before we start the installation process make sure that you have done all the things that I mentioned above.

Step 1 – First you need to download IPSW file for your iPhone. For that, you need to Go to this link. From their select, your iPhone model and download the latest version of iOS and copy it to the desktop.

downgrade ios 11

Step 2 – Open your iTunes and Connect your iPhone using Lightning Cable. When you connected your phone, it may prompt by asking you to trust this computer just tap on trust. After that, An iPhone Icon will appear at the top left corner of the iTunes. Click on it.

downgrade ios 11

Step 3 – If you have any files then make sure to backup your phone. The backup option will appear on the summary page in iTunes.

downgrade ios 11

Step 4 –  From here you can see two options one is ‘Check for Update’, and another one is ‘Restore iPhone’. Here you need to Click on ‘Restore iPhone’ while Holding  the Option Key on your Mac. If you were using Windows, click and hold the Control or Shift button. Now There will be new File Browser window will appear from here select your IPSW File and clip open.

downgrade ios 11

Step 5 – After selecting the IPSW File, it will prompt a message, just click on the Update Button. Now it will start the installation process. Do not unplug your phone during this period.

downgrade ios 11

Step 6 –  After the installation has finished, there you can see a new window. From here your phone will be completely restored. Now you can unplug your iPhone and Use it.

downgrade ios 11


Using this method you can easily install any version of iOS into your iPhone also downgrade iOS 11 or any versions of iOS. The jailbreak is only available for iOS 9.3.3 so if you want to jailbreak your iPhone then you have to download iOS 9.3.3 from the website mentioned above. In future updates of iOS 11 they will completely smash all the bugs then you are free to install it on your daily driver since then don’t install developer betas. If you want to install iOS 11, then wait until the release of the public beta, because the Public betas are less bug-free, so it will not affect your usability.

22nd June Apple released the second beta of iOS 11 for developers. Now iOS 11 feels better because they squeezed some bugs now we can use developer beta on our iPhone I’ve already posted an article about to install iOS 11 Developer Beta for Free. You can downgrade iOS 11 anytime you want using this guide that process will be like cutting a flower. If you have any doubts then drop a comment below. Have a great day.

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