How To Install iOS 11 Developer Beta For Free3 min read

3 min read
iOS 11

5th June is the day that Apple announced their OS updates for Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Tv. The developer betas for this all are available since they announced. To get that Developer Beta you must have a Developer account but that cost money. Here in this post, we show you how to get Developer Beta directly from Apple for free. It is mainly for iOS 11, but you can also find macOS, watchOS, and tvOS on the website that given below. Let’s jump to it.

What is New in iOS 11

iOS 11 is a big update for all their devices because iOS 11 has many features to play with it, you just need any Apple devices that support iOS to enjoy iOS 11. Just take a quick look what is new in the latest of iOS.

  1. Updated UI that is now buttery smooth and with some cool animations
  2. Control Centre is now in full screen so you can add custom toggles right from your settings app.
  3. New and enhanced AR features
  4. Redesigned Dock for iPad
  5. Native File manager app that supports Drag and Drop (Drag and drop only available in iPad)
  6. Big Update for App Store UI.
  7. Enhancement and tweaks for apps like Camera, Photos, iMessage, and others.
  8. Apple Now Support HEVC and HEIF  can give you more storage space because it is 2x better compression than currently using codecs.
  9. Lots More.

Requirements for iOS 11

  • Working Internet Connection
  • 3GB of storage space
  • Safari Browser
  • iPhone, iPad

Precautions and warnings

  • iOS 11 is still in Developer beta so that it will have a lot of bugs
  • To use iOS 11 for daily use iPhone is not that good
  • Backup Your iPhone Before installing iOS 11
  • 50% and above remaining Battery.

Installing iOS 11

  1. To install iOS 11 on your iPhone, you need to install a Developer Profile to get that profile Got to this Link.
  2.  From there you can see the profile which needs to install iOS 11 on all your Devices. Scroll for more.
    ios 11
  3. In that website just tap on the download button then it will take you to the Settings app on your device.
    ios 11
  4. From Settings app just tap on install. There you will ask to type your passcode just enter it, and the device will ask you to reboot. Just tap on that.
    ios 11
  5. After you get back into your phone go to the Software Update section there, you can find iOS. Click on install.
    ios 11
  6. Downloading iOS will depend on your internet connection so be patient.
    ios 11


Now you will get the latest version of iOS on your pocket, but it has lots of bugs, and also battery performance is worse when using developer betas. Apple will release public betas in this month if you can wait then I will probably say that is better instead of installing Developer Beta. The choice is up to you because you are the who should decide whether or not to install. The links to download profile will be updated because the software is downloading from other person’s developer account. In future betas, we can see more fixes and features for iOS. Enjoy your iOS 11.

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