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Smallest and Elegant HTPC Build for $700

Smallest and Elegant HTPC Build for $700

Today, Hardware is getting smaller even smartphones can replace the computers. Still, many PC enthusiasts want a better display and better performance, So they are moving to Desktop computers. When it comes to Desktop, they are larger and substantial, In this case, some people don’t want to buy a bigger desktop. Here, HTPC is the best solution for them. It can also use in televisions with the help of TV tuner card. We can enjoy watching movies, playing games, music on the television using HTPC. Looking for the smallest HTPC computer then Here it is.

HTPC(Home theater personal computers ) is a desktop computer in a small form factor size that can satisfy the user’s needs. HTPC can be customized as we want because all the components are same as we are using on the desktop computers such as Motherboard, Processor, RAM, etc. But in HTPC, Size is a matter because of we want smaller computers. In here all the component’s size is to be considered like Motherboard, If we want a smaller machine, we must use small form factor motherboard so that here we using a miniITX motherboard.

HTPC Specifications


  • Motherboard – Gigabyte GA H270N WIFI (Buy It From Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • Processor– Intel Core i5 7600 ( Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • CPU Cooler- Noctua NH-L9i ( Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • Graphics– Intel HD Graphics 630 GT2
  • RAM– Corsair Vengence 8GB 2400Mhz (Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • WiFi & BT– Apple original BCM94360CS2 Card with M.2 NGFF Adapter(The motherboard already has a WiFi. This Card is only for Hackintosh users)
  • CaseStreacom F1C Evo WS
  • SSD– Samsung 850 Evo 250GB (Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • HDD- 2 TB Seagate 2.5″ Drive (Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • Power Supply- HDPlex 160W US, DE or PicoPSU 160xt Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA with 240W Dell AC Adapter (Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, IN, CA )
  • Running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 and Windows 10

Benefits of Using HTPCs

HTPCs are small and compact computers that save your money, space, time and electricity. The best thing about the HTPC is that it is portable so we can carry where ever we want. It is a low power consumption PC, due to the smaller components inside the computer, it can save the huge amount of electricity.

Customization is an another benefit of having an HTPC. We can make our decisions when it comes to the specification of the PC, For example, In this build, I’m using Intel Core i5 processor, but you can use any other processor and also the depended components. All elements can be customized to your tastes. The next benefit I already mentioned above that HTPC can be used in televisions with the help of a TV tuner card.

Technical Information


It is HTPC, not a Normal Desktop computer. So here we must consider some points and also be sacrificing some requirements like liquid cool, etc.. In HTPC everything is small except the processor and the RAM. For HTPC build we using the small form factor mini ITX motherboard, All motherboard manufacturers are shipping these boards. In this build I’m using Gigabyte H270N WiFi mini ITX motherboard along with the Intel Core i5 processor, For the RAM I went for the Corsair Vengence DDR4 8Gb memory.

The other component is Case; it is a significant step for all mini ITX builds because choosing a mini ITX case is not that easy. There are so many cases around the websites from there we just choose the case that we want and also check that our components will fit inside in the case. In this build, I went for the Streacom F1c Evo that only fit the motherboard, 2.5 Inch HDD, and power supply. Here I sacrifice the use of discrete Graphics card and use internal Graphics. Because I didn’t want any graphics card, if you want a Graphics Card then you can go for the case that fits a Graphics card in it. Here is a case that fit a graphics Card in it.

The next component is the power supply. If we use a standard ATX power supply, then the computer becomes larger so in HTPC we are using a DC-DC Power supply. Two most commonly used power supplies are HDPlex 160w and PicoPSU 160Xt. These are the best power supplies available for the mini ITX build. In this build, I choose the HDPlex 160W, because it is more recent and more reliable than the PicoPSU. For the AC power, we should use a power brick to power up the computer.


Finally, we are here. In this world computer is an essential part of our lives. The size of the computer is getting smaller; we should move with the world to innovate something. In the future, desktop PC’s will be smaller like Intel NUC machines but the lack of customization is the only problem for NUC products, but it is the best small computer that can be found on the market. This post is all about the mini computer that can replace your giant machines and make you more comfortable. Keep reading, Logicbugs have many things for you to keep up to date. Thanks.


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    Did that wifi/BT solution work out of box or did you have to tinker and change settings? Any problems with wifi/BT since the build?

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      Yes, it will work out of the box. It’s perfectly working; just amazing everything is working great all features. Even it works on OSX installation.

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        Thats amazing, normally for the MacOS side the wifi and bluetooth are a pain to get working. Makes sense using an Apple original chip and an adapter though.

        Any trouble getting the 7th gen Kabylake processor to work?

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    Looks really great. I’m looking for something to replace my Mac Mini 2011 (apparently the GPU finally gave up), the latest Mac Mini is ridiculously priced for a “late 2014” machine and you can’t even add RAM to it later on, but I would not want to switch over to Windows either. Hackintosh sounds like a great solution but I’ve always been a bit wary of the hassle and it possibly not working.

    How is the heat production and noise level with this build?

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      I don’t have any trouble with heats in idle the temperature is up to 35 to 40 degree in load the temperature is up to 75 degree. You can ask me any doubts I will help you to install hackintosh. So don’t worry about it. You have internet and me to help.

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      I’m using Noctua cooler I must say it is the quietest cooler I’ve ever used. Also, check out my new blog post There you can see the updated build rig and Cases.

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        Thanks for the reply Logicbugs! The total price of the components is not that bad. I guess I could skip the Seagate drive as 256GB SSD would be plenty for my purposes.

        The BCM94360CS2 Card with M.2 NGFF Adapter seem to be less readily available, but there were few on Amazon and eBay.

        I’ll do some more reading on the Hackintosh solutions, but this post was already extremely helpful. Plus I really love the design of the case you have picked. Looks really great!

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            Thanks for the links. The Hackintosh article is very informative. I don’t really need the bluetooth or wifi features, but I suppose those can be added later?

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    Hi, does this motherboard has HDMI 2.0 , HDCP 2.2 ? and is the sound output Dolby Atmos and DTS-X ?
    I was planning to put GTX 1050 GPU with lower cpu n MoBo as the card has both the things mentioned above.


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