Google Home, Amazon Echo Or Apple HomePod Which Is Best?

The World is running faster along with the innovations. In the present world, the voice is getting smarter in our life in different ways. We use our voice to speak, to make a conversation and much more. We can use our voice to control anything we want, except human beings because it is hard to make them obey, but in some other cases, you can be a boss how is that possible? Yes, it is possible!. When it comes to the voice assistant device like Google Home, you can make them as your representative so you can talk to it, tell them whatever we want, and they will obey you because you’re the boss.

Today they are getting smart enough to understand humans because humans create them. Now we use them on our smartphones to control our activities without any physical interactions. Just tell them what do you want, and they will do that for you. Such as telling them to set a reminder or make a call and they will understand and make it live. Excellent right? Let makes it more advanced, how about a voice assistant that can control your home? How about they can control your TV, Music Systems, Lights, etc. Then that is called an innovation, and it is right here in 2017.

Google, Amazon, and Apple announced its Smart Home devices that come with the best voice assistants. Google calls their device like Google Home, Amazon calls theirs as Amazon Echo, and Apple calls it as HomePod. Sounds interesting? Now the crazy thing is that Google uses Google assistant on Google home and it is the most advanced Voice API that available on the planet right now. On the other hand, Amazon uses the newly born sound baby called Alexa on their Echo products, and Apple uses Siri to power their HomePod.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Alexa is a Voice-enabled home kit Device which is developed by Amazon. It can use to stream music, turn on or off Lights, control TV, Weather information and much more. Amazon Echo is using an app called Alexa app to control their devices from your smartphone. From the app, we can configure the Echo and download related apps.

Voice Assistant

Alexa is a voice assistant that is developed by Amazon and is using it in their Echo Devices. Alexa is opened for the developers so they can quickly improve Alex’s skill in each software updates provided through the Alexa App.
We can Access Amazon Echo by just Saying Alexa or with other words such as Hey Alexa. It is also super responsive, faster and more advanced voice API. It can handle any kinds of questions you ask, but it is not as good as Google assistant because Alexa is still in the development stage.


Amazon Echo can control things at your home such as Lights, Music Systems, Televisions, Phones, etc., for this Amazon has an app store in their Alexa app. 1000s of apps are available to do different kinds of activities like ordering a pizza from Dominos, requesting a ride from Uber, etc.

The main feature of the Amazon Echo is that they provide different varieties of Echo products such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Amazon Tap and other Devices like Fire TV, Fire Tablet, etc.

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Google Home

Google Home is also a voice-activated Home speaker that is powered by the Google assistant. You can use Google Home to stream Music, share media using chrome cast, control your TV using chrome cast and much more. We know Google for a long time. They make great products such as Android, like that Google Home is an awesome Product. Ask your questions to Google Home, and it will give you the information you need. Multiple users support makes Google Home to the next level of Home management.

google home

Voice Assistant

Google Home powered by their most advanced Google assistant can beat any other voice assistant by giving you more information for your questions such as translation, weather updates, ticket reservations, etc. Google Assistant is widely available voice kit that is inbuilt in the most popular Android operating system.

Ok, Google is the command that wakes up the Google Assistant instantly. Just say Ok Google, and Google Assistant is there for you. When it’s compared to the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant supports more Countries, so the information on  Google is much larger than the Alexa.

google assistant


Google Home comes with a white-colored cylindrical shaped body. The bottom speaker Grill can be customized with other colors. Unlike Amazon Echo, Google Home provides a touch panel to control your device, and it is placed on the top of the device.

Bass boosted speakers provide you with a much better sound quality when you are streaming or playing music. The speakers are much louder than the Amazon Alexa.

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Apple HomePod

Apple just announced its new product at WWDC 2017 that is the HomePod. HomePad now is in development Stage it is not available in the market now, but it will be available later this year. Apple HomePod has so many features, let’s take a look at some features that Apple announced at the WWDC 2017. Unlike all the other speakers HomePod focused on music playback on HomePod, but still, they offer other features like the Home assistant, Reminder, messages, etc.

Voice Assistant

Apple HomePod uses Siri to control all the sounds that you are pushing towards it even when music is playing you can talk to Siri. The amazing thing is now Siri grown better to compete with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. When HomePod releases on the market then Siri will be developed more than what we have seen today.


Apple HomePod has six microphones to interact with Siri and also they have seven tweeters and Apple’s custom-made Subwoofer system to rock your house. Apple HomePod mostly focused on Music, so they offer Apple Music playback through your speaker. HomePod uses WiFi for Wireless connectivity.

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Google Home Vs Amazon Echo Vs Apple HomePod

Let’s compare these three devices so that we can understand which one is better and which suits you well. Here we have the positives and negatives. These are the result you are looking for, all information in one place.

Google Home now has many features after the new update released on 17th May 2017. So now we can clarify that Google home is getting better after each update it provides.

Apple HomePod not released yet, so the competition between Google Home and Amazon Echo is the main things here.


Google Home


  • Google Home is powered by the Most Advanced Voice Assistant. It can handle more questions and information than the Alexa.
  • Call on any numbers for free. No phone required for making calls. ‘It’s currently available in the US’ (Update).
  • Configuring Google Home is easier than the Echo.
  • Google Home now supports Hand Free Calling (Update).
  • Google Assistant now provides more actions and Skills such as requesting a ride on Uber, Purchasing products from various websites, etc. (Update).
  • Google now supports a large number of home devices (Update).
  • Better Sound Quality and Better Bass makes Music Streaming to the Next Level.
  • It can stream more music using their Play Music and YouTube services.
  • Google Home contains tons of information and skills than Alexa.
  • Touch Panel makes Google Home unique so controlling your Home is easier.
  • It can give you tons of information such as the list of States in America, Translate the word that you said, etc.
  • Searching is better on Google Home.
  • Google Assistant has more natural slang than Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Available in different countries like Australia, Canada, Japan more coming soon (Update)
  • Google Home has the best continuity (e.g. Just say ‘My password is 1234’ and then ask ‘what is my password’ It will give you the correct answer.)
  • When it Comes to the Direction, Google has the best Map service so they can help you more than what other assistant offers.
  • Multi-Room support is another great feature of Google Home
  • Plays ads after the command, this is an annoying thing for Google Home.
  • Ok, Google Is the command that is used to enable Google assistant, but it is harder than the Alexa.
  • Purchasing Google Home from outside of the US, Australia, Japan, Canada is painful because it is not currently available in all countries.
  • Skills of Google assistant should improve in all kinds of areas such as booking tickets (Update).
  • Google offers only one device, but Amazon has different varieties of Echo Products.

Amazon Echo


  • Amazon Echo can control a broad range of Home devices such as light, Tv, Music system, Temperature, etc.
  • Updates are faster in Echo.
  • Amazon Echo products will work with Remotes that provided by Amazon.
  • Alexa is a new Voice kit but it can perform better, and it can handle more request and skill using the app store that offered by the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Amazon has tons of Apps available that support many of skills.(Ordering a pizza at Dominos)
  • Echo can stream music from Spotify and also from your smartphone.
  • Alexa command is a lot easier than Ok Google command.
  • Amazon Echo provides a Wide range of products and customizability.
  • Echo supports more home devices brand to control it using Echo devices.
  • Amazon purchasing can be done within the Echo using our voice.
  • In Amazon Echo reading Kindle Books is Easier.
  • Shipping of Echo devices is faster because it sells through Amazon, Amazon provides a Prime option so that you will get the product within two days without any shipping charge.


  • Sound Quality is not that Good when we are comparing with Google Home.
  • Configuring Alexa is not that easy, Here we must manually go to the Alexa app then set it up.
  • Streaming from other Services like NetFlix is not supported by Echo (In the future update that may come.)
  • The information given by the Alexa is shorter after some information; it says to go to the web page for details. It is an annoying thing.
  • Not available in all countries (In future it may happen)
  • The sounds of Alexa is still like the robotic voice. They are still improving her voice.
  • Purchasing of Amazon Echo is also painful for non-US or UK users.

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod is just announced at WWDC 2017 and it available later this year now we are just comparing it to the others so that we can understand what Apple is trying to offer to this area. Here is the review of the new Apple HomePod.


  • Releasing on later this year.
  • 7 Inbuilt Tweeter.
  • Better Build Quality.
  • 6 microphone.
  • Siri as a Voice Assistant For controlling HomePod.
  • Apple music Support, so we can play our favorite playlist right from the HomePod.
  • Apple Designed Woofer System makes sound quality to the next level.
  • It uses A8 Chip as a processor that is the same processor Apple uses it on their iPhone.
  • It uses Spatial Awareness technology so it can control music depending on the size of your room.
  • Siri can be accessed even when you are playing music.
  • Siri Now supports various kinds of commands.
  • HomePod can also control your home devices like AC, Lights, Tv, and all other types of devices.
  • It Can be used as a home assistant.


  • Not released yet will be available on this fall.
  • Price is higher than the other Speakers. It costs around $349.

Purchasing Advice

Apple HomePod is not released yet so that the battle between Google and Amazon continues. In the latest update for Google home, it has improved its abilities in different areas. So from now, Google Home takes the lead here.

If you are a person, who loves to hear music, Control home devices, Buying products, Searching for more information such as weather, sports score, directions, etc. Then Google home is best for you. If you are a person who wants to control your home devices, purchasing products, booking of tickets, or ordering foods, rides, then Amazon Echo is fit for you. The other thing is to consider the price. Google Home is Cheaper than the Amazon Echo, but on the other side, Amazon provides different devices like Echo Dot, Echo Show, Fire TV, Which Echo Dot is a small brother of Echo, and the price is also very much lower when compared with all Home Devices.

Final Word

Now you get an idea of which is best for you. We can wait and see how Apple HomePod will bring to us. Now you can either wait until Apple releases their HomePod or else you can buy one of these. After the release of the Apple Home Device, the competition will be tougher. These two devices are getting better each day. The growth of Amazon Alexa is far better than Google Assistant because Amazon is far-reaching about their Alexa. Alexa is for everyone and Amazon make it easier for developers to build apps for Alexa. The choice is always yours. Do let me know what do you think about this in the comment box.


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