Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drives For Your Mac

In 2017 Apple is making the big leap by making USB-C default on all their computers, and they removed the old Type-A USB ports to make the computer thinner. So that it can only support USB-C or Thunderbolt devices. The Type-A connector doesn’t have any role in the future machines, Sorry big brothers!. Talking about the devices, we all use the external hard drive to backup and store our data. We can connect External HDD using adapters, but that won’t be that accurate, and sometimes the performance will be more painful, so the only way to connect Hard Drives on the Mac is by using USB-C external Hard Drives. That’s why this article is here. Here are the top 5 USB-C External Hard Drives for Mac.

What is USB-C and Thunderbolt 3

USB-C is the next generation universal serial bus controller that has the ability to take innovation to the next level. USB-C offers various kinds of technical advantages for connecting all devices such as phones, Ethernet, storage, speakers, etc., so that makes USB-C above of all connectors.

The USB-C is also used in smartphones and laptops as a connector so that it can deliver more power and transfer data faster than any other connectors. Talking about the connectors, we know that who is the king of all connectors, If you don’t, then the Thunderbolt is the King of all connectors because of its speed and multi-platform support. The USB-C is the exact copy of Thunderbolt connector the same design makes it easier to integrate Thunderbolt to the USB-C connectors. Little confusing here isn’t? It means USB-C can combine with Thunderbolt, so it becomes Thunderbolt 3. we can attach all the Thunderbolt and USB-C devices in this Thunderbolt integrated USB-C port.

Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drives (SSD Hard Drives)

Samsung T5 SSD USB-C Hard Drive

Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drive

On August 15 Samsung released the new version of their USB-C SSD that named as Samsung T5. Samsung T5 is one of the best SSD available in small size when compared with others, it is also faster, and yes it is also expensive.

  • Write Speed – 540MB/s
  • Read Speed- 650MB/s
  • Storage capacity- 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB
  • Security- 256 Bit Encryption
  • Interface- USB-C (Compatible with USB3.1)
  • Dimension- 74mm, 58mm, 10.5mm (WxHxD)

You know that SSDs have no moving parts so in case if it falls from your hand there won’t be much problem. We can easily get a replacement from Samsung because of the three-year warranty.

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G-Technology G-Drive Slim USB-C SSD Hard Drive

Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drive

G-drive is a great piece of technology and one of the affordable hard drives in SSD segment.

  • Write & Read Speed- Up to 540MB/s
  • Storage Capacity- 500GB and 1TB
  • Interface- USB-C and USB 3. Gen 2
  • Dimension-147.32mm, 82.04mm, 9.90mm (HxWxD)

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LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt and USB-C

Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drive

LaCie is mainly developing its products for Apple, and the Rugged version of LaCie is a powerful one because of its performance and durability. It is one of our personal favorites. LaCie has the storage option up to 5 TB. In SSD we only Get 500GB and 1TB storage the other storage options are available on HDD models.

  • Write and Read Speed- 510MB/s
  • Storage Capacity- 500GB, 1TB SSD (Up to 5TB in HDD version)
  • Interface- Thunderbolt and USB-C
  • Dimension-139.95mm, 88.9mm, 24.89mm (HxWxD)
  • Features- IP54 Water Resistant, Up to 2M Drop Resistant

LaCie is powerful hardware, and it is light in weight it is made up of aluminum that makes Lacie stronger.

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SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable USB-C SSD

Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drive

The SanDisk Extreme is the fastest portable SSDs in the market right now. Sandisk also offers encryption to protect your valuable data. 4K video streaming is very smooth because of the high read and writes speed.

  • Write Speed- 850MB/s
  • Read Speed- 850MB/s
  • Interface- USB 3.1 Gen 2 and USB-C
  • Security- 128 Bit encryption
  • Warranty- 3yr

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Glyph Atom Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C SSD

Top 5 USB-C External Hard Drive

Glyph Atom is a portable Hard Drive. It is covered with high-quality rubber to prevent damage when falling.

  • Read and Write Speed- 480MB/s
  • Capacity- Up to 1TB
  • Interface- Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C
  • Dimension- 48 x 122 x 15 mm (WxHxD)
  • Colors Available- Silver, Black, Gold

We also find that Glyph is a small sized hard drive like Samsung T3, so portability is easier with Glyph hard drive.

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Changes are necessary for this world that’s why Apple is taking these actions on all their devices. We already know that the latest iPhone 7 doesn’t have the 3.5mm headphone jack because the 3.5mm jack has already been using since 1950. Apple’s primary intention for the people is to use the latest and alternative technology. These top 5 USB-C external hard drives are SSDs so the transfer rate is very much faster than any portable hard drive that you can find on the market. SSD is also more reliable and quiet when it’s compared with the mechanical Hard drives, but the sad thing is that SSD is more expensive. Let’s conclude, what do you think of the top 5 USB-C external hard drives, which is your favorite? Leave us a comment.


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